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Crowdsourced Recruiting for Highly Specialized Industries

Looking to Hire Better, Faster?

The Side Hustle enables organizations to fill niche positions faster and with better candidates than with traditional recruiting. We do it by leveraging Subject Matter Experts to generate leads, review resumes and interview applicants.

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How The Side Hustle Works


What is The Side Hustle

The Side Hustle is a collective of anonymous Subject Matter Experts across a multitude of organizations, including end-clients and consulting firms. Our SMEs join The Side Hustle to earn incremental income by leveraging their niche expertise and network to refer and vet candidates.

Quality Candidates by Design

Each member will have a “Reputation” score. As a member interacts with different parts of the platform (referring individuals, reviewing resumes, interviewing applicants) the member's Reputation will increase or decrease. For instance, if an individual the member refers does not make it beyond the resume reviewing stage, then the member will see their Reputation decrease. If the member grades an applicant's resume highly and then that applicant is hired by the client, the member's Reputation will improve. Over time, a dispersion of Reputation will exist amongst our members. As candidates are submitted to clients, transparency will be provided to instill our clients with confidence in our submissions.

Transparent Pricing

Our goal is threefold: improve candidate quality, recruit faster and lower the cost of recruiting. Our guiding principle throughout is transparency. While we are still finalizing the compensation plan, we plan on passing the majority of the success fee (or fee we charge the client) to the member who refers the hired candidate, a minority percentage to the members who review and interview the candidates, and retaining a platform fee of 10%. 

Therefore, the success fee is rather something we come to an agreement on than a point of negotiation. What dollar amount is enticing enough to get the crowd (our members) to recruit on your behalf? We will use our market data to suggest an amount, but ultimately it is the client's decision.


Most people have a sense of loyalty to the company employing or contracting them and do not want to engage in activities that may tarnish this perception. The Side Hustle provides the cover of anonymity to ensure SMEs can meaningfully contribute to their industry and be rewarded appropriately without the fear of retaliation.

How it Works

  • Join the Waitlist to become a client
  • Submit job opportunities through The Side Hustle client portal
  • Receive email notifications when applicants are submitted
  • Update the portal as applicants progress through your hiring pipeline
  • Remit payment within agreed upon payment terms

The Side Hustle Is Not

The Side Hustle is not a collection of independent recruiters. Only Subject Matter Experts who actually perform the work are permitted to become members.

The Side Hustle is not a traditional referral management platform like Staffing Referrals. Rather than just trying to get more referrals out of your existing staff, The Side Hustle harnesses the power of experts across all companies to generate leads, review resumes and even interview candidates on your behalf. We go much wider and deeper to present Ready-to-Hire candidates to your recruiting department or even directly to the hiring manager.

Leverage the crowd to work on your behalf. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!